Does anyone remember when you could fall asleep in any position and wake up perfectly fine? Didn't think so. It seems like a lifetime ago that you could fall asleep tangled up like a pretzel and wake up completely healthy. Nowadays, if you sleep on anything less than perfection, you wake up feeling years older and have developed severe back and neck issues. That is why we have this Casper Pillow review to help you find your perfection.

Not only does sleeping in a weird position throw your whole body off the next day, but what you sleep on can affect it as well. It is incredible that something as mundane as a pillow can have such a strong effect on your sleep.

An uncomfortable pillow can put everything out of sync, and finding the perfect one turns us into Goldilocks. You need one that can handle whatever sleeping position you prefer, it can't be too hard or too soft, and it should align your head with your spine.

A Casper Pillow review could help you find a pillow to resolve those issues.

​Comparison Table

Casper Pillow Review

The Casper Pillow has got you covered on all sides of the bed. If you like cool, then you are going to love its breathable 100 percent percale cotton cover with a percale weave.

Ensuring that the struggle to find the cool side of the pillow will never be an issue for you. If you are looking for that plush feel, Casper's silky microfibre interior will provide you with the perfect fluffy sensation.

Not only is this pillow soft, but it can also handle whatever your sleeping position may be. Do you want to sleep on your back? Go for it. How about your stomach? It has got you covered there as well. It is rare that a soft pillow can also be firm enough to handle multiple positions, but the Casper Pillow handles them like a champ.

​What makes Casper different

Surely, other pillow reviews have claimed about the same thing and you are wondering what makes this pillow any different. Well, for starters, the Casper Pillow features a high 2-inch gusset.

What is a gusset?

It is a piece of material that is placed along the sides of the pillow, allowing for better neck alignment. It also keeps all those wonderful microfibres distributed evenly throughout the pillow.

Speaking of which, why is microfibre such a big deal?

The microfibre interior ensures that you are never restricted in your sleepy movements, as they will move with you seamlessly. Instead of conforming to your head and neck the way memory foam does, your head will sink into the pillow, while it cradles your neck. Then, when you move, the pillow will retain its standard shape again.

One of the more exciting and unique features of this pillow is its pillow-in-pillow design.

Essentially it is one pillow for support, and one for comfort. Plus, the outer layer is entirely removable, which makes for easy cleaning. It even features a breathable percale weave, which increases airflow throughout the pillow. Meaning, you are always cool while sleeping.

As if you needed more reasons to love this pillow, it is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

​Casper Pillow Review: The Products

To give a proper Casper Pillow review, we found two of their more popular products. That way, you can see how the pillow stands up to their other products in terms of build quality and popularity.

Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress, 2019 Model
  • Your purchase includes One Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress, 2019 Model with cover
  • Mattress dimensions: 60” W x 80” L x 11” H. Foam weight: 79 lbs
  • Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief-push feel to the upper body. Firmer foam under the hips, waist,...

This mattress is Casper's original fan favorite. It is 12 inches in height, offers 4 layers of open-cell foam, and zoned support. From the looks of things, however, this mattress seems to live up to their claims of elevated body support.

That said, one customer did experience some inconsistency in the build of the bed. They claimed that they started sinking more and more and ended up returning it before the 100-night sleep test was complete.

Casper Sleep 951-000437-008 Down Duvet, Twin/Twin XL, White
  • 100% cotton shell, ethically-sourced down fill
  • Constructed with sewn-in chambers to keep down in place and for even insulation
  • Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle with like colors. Tumble dry low

Casper's duvet is a rather new product, but very popular. It features a cotton shell and down fill, with constructed sewn-in chambers to keep the down in place. 

People seem to love the fact that the down stays in place, the light feel, and the fact that it does not make them overheat during the night.

Who Should Use This Pillow

Some people have various issues when it comes to sleeping; some will benefit more than others. Whether it is getting sweltering during the night, or changing positions frequently, you may see a noticeable difference with this pillow.

As mentioned before, the Casper Pillow features a percale weave, which makes the pillow incredibly breathable. Meaning it will stay fresh throughout the night, keeping your temperature down.

The microfibre filling and unique pillow-in-pillow design make this perfect for combo sleepers. It will move with you, instead of against you, so you always can find that perfectly comfortable position. If you fall into any of those categories, you may want to consider making this part of your bedroom.

Similar Products

Celeep Queen Bed Pillows- Premium Sleeping Pillows - Soft Sand Washed...
  • High Quality: Made of 100% polyester microfiber filling; 900 GSM Filling makes neck pillow extremely cushy and is like...
  • Maximum Comfort: Perfect for those who love to sleep with a high loft pillow; High-density special microfiber fill...
  • No-Shift Design: Celeep bed pillows won’t shift, bunch up, flatten out, or form craters; No shift design keep fill in...

Here, we have the Celeep ultra soft sleeping pillows. These offer a hypoallergenic polyester microfiber filling and a sand-washed cover. 

When looking at what customers are saying about these pillows, it seems that even people who didn't like the pillow did not have an issue with the build or the feel.

The biggest complaint was that the pillow was too high and supportive and did not offer enough flexibility.

East Coast Bedding 2 Pack Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows...
  • PILLOW PARTICULARS – East Coast Bedding's luxury goose feather and down pillows come as a set of 2. Each is filled...
  • SUPREMELY SOFT + FANTASTICALLY FIRM – Our goosefeather and down pillows offer the very best compromise between...
  • FINE FEATHERS – Wake up feeling ‘as light as a feather’ with these premium quality European geese down-filled...

The East Coast Bedding feather and down pillow offers a soft, yet firm design but with a different material than the Casper Pillow. East Coast Bedding uses a combination between goose down and feathers, along with a cotton striped shell. 

The top positive review mentions the high-quality construction of the pillows. On the other hand, the top critical review of East Coast Bedding's pillow said that the feathers flatten out during the night.

Casper Pillow Review: How Did Casper Stand-up to the Competition

Black and white photo of a woman using a casper pillow

​Image via Unsplash

It is clear what the difference is.

For example, the Celeep Ultra Soft Pillows do not have near the number of unique features that Casper does. Celeep's pillow is just that, a pillow.

That isn't to say that Celeep is not a good brand. Only that it does not have the same features that Casper offers.

Comparing to another pillow brand made from a different material brings up about the same result, but with a twist. When looking at the top-rated goose down and feather pillows from East Coast Bedding, Casper still has the upper hand.

While the East Coast Bedding pillow is 100 percent natural and cruelty-free, it does not have the same features either. Plus, down tends to lose its firmness after so much use.

Even though down pillows and other bedding have that luxury feel to them, they tend to be more of an annoyance than anything else. But that is a topic for another time.

Casper offers so many extra features that the bulk of other products do not. Very few products have the pillow-in-pillow design or the gusset along the sides. So for what you get with the Casper Pillow, it seems like it is worth it.

An Impressive Addition to Any Bedroom

Woman sleeping on a white bed while using a casper pillow

​Image via Pixabay

Even though the Casper Pillow is not perfect, it is undoubtedly impressive. Features like the 2-inch gusset and pillow-in-pillow innovative design, in our opinion, are great.

That said, we know that sometimes, it all comes down to the cost of the product. We love the extra touch of the pillow-in-pillow design, along with the head and neck support. 

Your pillow is the most essential part of your bedroom, aside from your mattress. If you are sleeping on a rock hard pad, you will quickly find yourself in a harrowing situation.

On the other hand, anything too soft can restrict your breathing, and throw your neck out of whack. For something like this, it is perfectly fine to be like Goldilocks and search for the pillow that is not too hard, not too soft, but just right. And we hope that our Casper Pillow review has helped you in your search.

What is your favorite pillow to sleep with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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