Hi, I’m Myla Whitaker, and I’m the Chief Editor here at Pillow Professional.

A lot of the buzz in the sleep business focuses on mattresses. I know, however, from years of research and working with those who have back and neck issues, that the right pillow is the crucial ingredient to great sleep and a healthy body. I’ve spent the last decade helping people achieve better sleep and less neck pain with quality pillows. The best news is that a new pillow is a lot less expensive than an entire mattress, and the benefits may be more noticeable.

While I bring my pillow expertise into the best sleep conversation, I am not the only voice here. A team of sleep enthusiasts runs Pillow Professional, and our mission is to help people find the best pillows and options for their unique needs. Together, we know that proper body alignment when sleeping starts at your pillow. If you are looking for memory foam, down feather, or a body pillow, we have you covered. Does your good night’s sleep depend on a cooling pillow? We sort through all of the options to make sure you experience cool comfort all through the night. If you have particular concerns such as chronic pain or need some extra support during pregnancy, we’ll focus on these areas to ensure that your entire sleep and rest experience is unbeatable.

If you’re a looking for the best sleep possible, stop focusing solely on your mattress. The key to a great night’s sleep may be the affordable solutions offered through the latest in pillow design. Whatever your sleep needs, we welcome to our site and our community, and we hope you find our resources helpful! We’d love to hear from you, whether that’s in a comment on one of our posts or a private message to our team.