Everyone knows that traveling can be a thrilling, enlightening, and overall wonderful experience. It can be a huge part of your life and can open you up to new experiences, ideas, and belief systems. Travel is an incredible thing: however the process of travel itself can sometimes be at best a bit trying and at worst entirely uncomfortable. That's when a Woollip travel pillow can be a lifesaver.

Crowded planes filled with cramped and tired passengers mix with jolting turbulence to create a less than pleasant reaction. And there are only so many passengers who can afford to fly first class or business class on every flight. Many travelers turn to luxuries such as masks to help them sleep and travel pillows.

So, that's our subject today: travel pillows, and in specific the Woollip travel pillow. This pillow was created by a small start-up whose mission is to provide comfort to tired travelers everywhere.

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About the Woollip Travel Pillow

The Woollip Travel Pillow is a portable, inflatable pillow that is ideal for traveling on planes, trains, in the car, or even just sitting at home. It is small, lightweight, and easily packed away when necessary.

The Woollip Travel Pillow, though easily packed away and inflatable, provides excellent support of the neck and saves you from unnecessary discomfort and pain. This is mainly due to its unique and interesting shape. The pillow was created specifically to provide a portable form of support to travelers, in which case it goes above and beyond that. The pillow provides immense comfort, making it great for long trips.

Product Specs

The Woollip Travel Pillow, as mentioned before, is lightweight and portable, as well as inflatable. This saves travelers the space that could be taken up by more important things in their carry on, if necessary, but also allows the pillow to be carried virtually anywhere. The ability of this pillow to condense while still retaining the ability to become large is one of the best features of this pillow.

Despite this portability, the pillow itself is actually very large for being so portable. The Woollip Travel Pillow is large enough to support not just the neck, but the back as well, if necessary. This combines the necessary elements of the pillow being large enough to support the traveler as well as being comfortable enough to carry with you.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. All of these products are inflatable travel pillows and are rated based on price, comfort, support, and design quality. The pillows are each also given a list of pros and cons that are meant to be compared to one another. There are several pillows that we could compare to The Woollip Travel Pillow; however we elected these three popular choices for our comparison:
  • AirComfy Ease
  • Travelrest - The Ultimate InflatableTravel Pillow/Neck Pillow
  • OSTRICHPILLOW Light Travel Pillow

Woollip Travel Pillow

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While the Woollip Travel Pillow is said to be very comfortable, there is the fact that it has a highly unusual design, making it a sort of pillow that a traveler would have to get used to and figure out how to use it. Other than that minor detail, the pillow is comfortable and a great choice for someone seeking a good pillow to nap with during their travel.


The support of the Woollip Travel Pillow is a clear five out of five rating, as it is known for being a great source of support as well as comfort. The pillow is large enough to provide support to the majority of the top half of the body while remaining portable.

Design Quality

The design of this travel pillow is ingenious. It provides support and comfort, as was said before, while also remaining easily portable. The design allows the pillow to be discreetly packed away, leaving room for other things that may be necessary when traveling. However, the design is highly unusual.


  • Great source of support
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easily portable


  • Design may take some getting used to

AirComfy Ease

AirComfy Ease Inflatable Travel Pillow with Luxuriously Soft Washable...
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The AirComfy Ease travel pillow is a great choice if you're on a budget, or if you simply like your travel pillow to be a bit fuzzy. This pillow has a simple design with a cozy look to it, all at a fairly affordable price.

The AirComfy Ease Pillow features a simply designed inflatable travel pillow. Read more down below to compare this pillow to the Woollip Travel Pillow.


This travel pillow is adjustable to fit the needs of the user. A traveler could fill the pillow with air completely to create a firmer feel or leave it partly inflated to have it remain softer. The description of the pillow itself claims that it is adjustable based off on the age range and sex of the user, likely referring to the size of the traveler who intends to use the pillow.


The pillow is adjustable; however the actual support provided may be lacking. While comfort is there, there only seems to be a small amount of support, concentrated on only a small part of the neck. The pillow itself isn't very large, so the odds of it providing as much support as a larger pillow are slim.

Design Quality

While the support may be lacking, the amount of comfort provided by the pillow is good about making up for it. The design is small but very comfortable.


  • Comfortable


  • Not much support is provided
  • Fairly small in design

Travelrest - The Ultimate InflatableTravel Pillow/Neck Pillow

TRAVELREST Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - Straps to Airplane...
  • The only product that provides FULL LATERAL SUPPORT for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep, and stay...
  • Promotes proper head and neck and cervical alignment - KEEPS HEAD FROM FALLING FORWARD. Ideal for chronic pain...
  • ERGONOMIC Patented design provides proper support to prevent tension and neck strain.

This pillow is of such an interesting design-probably because it's meant to go around your body, rather than you wrapping your arms around it. When it comes to interesting designs, this pillow has a premium, right next to the Woollip Travel Pillow.


This pillow's design is different from the usual travel pillow's design, and because of its design, anyone sitting up using this pillow will have just one diagonal stripe of support across their back. We would consider this highly unnerving.


This pillow provides great support for the lower back and fairly good support for the neck; as long as you're leaning the way that the pillow is. The only issue with the support is the fact that the support only comes from one direction in a diagonal shape across the user's back. 

Design Quality

The comfort issues can be overlooked more easily because this pillow provides very good support to the back. The design is smart and lightweight, making this pillow good for travel for those with back issues.


  • Good support for the back


  • Could be awkward since the support is only based from one place

OSTRICHPILLOW Light Travel Pillow

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This pillow seems to be comfortable; however it would be somewhat inconvenient if you intended to lay your head down without actually going to sleep. The most comfortable position to place this headband is around the eyes; however you can place is simply around your head.


This pillow seems to have zero semblance of support. The headband has some inflatable portions, however the portions that are able to be inflated do not provide support unless you have a wall to lean your head on in the first place.

Design Quality

Between the lack of support and the fact that the headband is only comfortable in certain positions, this design is sorely lacking. While its intended purpose was to be a very portable and easy travel pillow, the design ended up being only halfway successful in both the support and comfort areas. This design did, however, achieve its purpose of being easily portable. This design was more focused on the fashion of the pillow than the actual function, leading it to miss its mark.


  • Looks nice
  • High quality materials used


  • No support whatsoever
Using the travel pillow


Our final thoughts on the Woollip Travel Pillow are five stars and two thumbs up. The Woollip travel pillow, though somewhat lacking in the comfort department, is overall a great buy. We would suggest the Woollip travel pillow to any traveler looking for a good travel pillow that can be condensed and provide great support.

So, when you're on your next long plane ride and you know that you won't be able to sleep, make sure to pack a Woollip Travel Pillow. This baby will keep your neck in good shape and make your plane ride so much more comfortable than it would have been otherwise. The Woollip Travel Pillow is not only a lifesaver: it's a necksaver, too!

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