You cannot put a price on a good night's rest. And, a good night's rest can be determined by not only how you sleep, but what you sleep on. We're talking about your pillow. It's time you get rid of that old, worn-out pillow and invest in a pillow that will help you get a good night's rest. That's why we're going to take a look at one of the most talked about and loved pillows available on the market today, the Panda Life Pillow, to see if it's the best choice for you.

What Is a Panda Life Pillow?

panda life pillow on a mattress

You have to be comfortable to relax. The company, Comforting By Nature, which designed the Panda Life Pillow sought to combine comfort, luxury, and an environmentally responsible product to help you get a good night's sleep. Knowing certain fabrics feel better than others, they incorporated materials made with bamboo into their entire innovative product line. Because bamboo has moisture-wicking properties, fabrics made with bamboo fibers feel better against your skin than cotton. Plus, bamboo is the most sustainable natural fiber in the world because it grows super-fast, requires only rainfall, and propagates itself!

Panda Life pillows have all the low-maintenance properties of traditional pillows but provide you with a deeper, more relaxing night’s sleep.

Product Specs

All pillows are not equal. The Panda Life Pillow has a soft pillow cover made of 60% polyester / 40% Viscose which is made with bamboo. The viscose cover derived from bamboo feels twice as soft as cotton and compares to luxury fabrics like cashmere and silk (without high maintenance or cost). The highly absorbent nature of the viscose cover has a cooling effect on your skin, which translates to soothing comfort. Shredded memory foam adjusts perfectly to your contours, supporting your head, neck and shoulders, allowing your muscles to relax, all while providing a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

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How It Compares

In this review, we're going totake a closer look at the Panda Life Pillow, its features, its cost, and uncover what real customers are saying about this product. We also picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to the Panda Life Pillow. Many of the 'pros' and 'cons' listed are based on randomly selected comments from real customer reviews as posted on, while others are manufacturer stated benefits.

  • Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  • Plixio Pillows
  • Hotel Comfort Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

Panda Life

Panda Life Shredded Memory Foam Pillow-Queen
  • Comfortable
  • Natually Hypoallergenic
  • Moisture Absorbent

Ease of Use

After opening your pillow, you should allow 24-48 hours for the memory foam to expand back to its full capacity. Alternately, for quicker results, you may fluff the pillow in the dryer on a low/cool heat setting for about ten minutes. When necessary, machine wash your pillow in cold water on the delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat (or hang to dry). You’ll be pleased to know this soothing cover softens with each wash.

Design Quality

This new memory foam Panda Life pillow is made with viscose rayon and derived from renewable bamboo; it is the most comfortable pillow you will ever sleep on. Panda Life pillows are assembled in the USA with imported fabric. Shredded memory foam adjusts perfectly to your contours, supporting your head, neck and shoulders, allowing your muscles to relax, thus provides a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. The viscose cover derived from bamboo feels twice as soft as cotton and compares to luxury fabrics like cashmere and silk (without high maintenance or cost). Our Panda Life covers are machine washable. The highly absorbent nature of the viscose cover has a cooling effect on your skin which translates to soothing comfort.


Panda Life offers an outstanding three-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind that your Panda Life pillow will perform flawlessly for years to come.


  • "One night on this pillow absolutely fixed my neck. I am totally in love with this pillow"
  • "I have not slept this comfortably and well in years"
  • The material feels smooth and has a cooling effect on your skin
  • Easy-to-remove cover is machine washable and gets even softer with each washing


  • Flat and not supportive
  • Some felt this was not the proper choice to keep your head cool during the night
  • ban
    Does not keep its shape and becomes soft

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow...
  • Shredded Style Combination Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Pillow That NEVER GOES FLAT! Doctor Created To Provide Proper...
  • Now With Zipper Removable Outer Cover To Allow For Easy Adjustment of Thickness and Comfort. Conforming Shape...
  • Making America's Best Pillows for over 18 Years, 2012 Audited and MADE IN USA CERTIFIED Bed Manufacturer Using...

Ease of Use

The Snuggle-Pedic conforms to your neck and head for proper orthopedic support, and the fluffy, yet resilient, mixed combination of foam used in our Snuggle-Pedic pillows will adjust to each position you sleep in. While the pillow will self-adjust and most find it the perfect blend from the start, in response to their customer suggestions, they now offer the ability to adjust the fill to fit with your particular needs. In many cases, the pillow will work perfectly from the get-go, since you can gather fill or spread it out to fit your positional needs. However, with our NEW Adjustable Cover and Liner, you can easily add or remove fill at your leisure.

Design Quality

The Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury pillow is made In the U.S.A. with 43% viscose of bamboo, 56.4 percent Polyester, .6 Percent Lycra. This pillow keeps you cool all night long. Plus, it's fully machine washable.


The Snuggle-Pedic pillow now offers an unprecedented 4-Month (120 NIGHTS), no hassle, sleep trial. We also want you to have the peace of mind to know they have a long history of manufacturing the finest products as Relief-Mart, Inc., the parent company of Snuggle-Pedic. Snuggle-Pedic also offers free customizations and free return shipping when you contact relief-mart directly. There is a 20-year warranty for this product.


  • Extra-Breathable Micro-Vented Cover
  • Zipper removable outer cover to allow for easy adjustment of thickness and comfort
  • Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant


  • Said to be heavy and uncomfortable
  • ban
    Said to be thick and hard providing no comfort at all

Plixio Pillows

Pillows for Sleeping - 2 Pack Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows...
  • Shredded memory foam pillows: Plixio has designed the best pillows for sleeping. Our bamboo memory foam pillows use a...
  • Washable hypoallergenic bamboo pillow cases: Our hypoallergenic bamboo pillow cases are a great alternative to down or...
  • Can help alleviate common sleeping ailments: Our queen bed pillows can help provide relief from several sleeping issues...

Plixio has designed the best pillows for sleeping. Their bamboo memory foam pillows use a cooling shredded foam technology to keep you cool all night. The breathable cover keeps your pillow dry and provides maximum comfort.

Ease of Use

These shredded foam pillows are great for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. The pliable memory foam conforms to the shape of your head and body keeping the spinal column in your neck and back aligned properly.

Design Quality

The hypoallergenic bamboo pillowcases are a great alternative to down or latex pillows. The pillow covers are also washable. Each memory foam pillow is made from 60% Polyester and 40% viscous made from bamboo. Their queen bed pillows can help provide relief from several sleeping issues including snoring, insomnia, migraines, neck and back pain, allergies, and TMJ.


Each of our pillows comes with a full two-year warranty.


  • Shredded memory foam gently cradles your head and neck
  • The breathable cover helps wick away heat and keeps you dry
  • The cover is also hypoallergenic and machine-washable


  • Pillow tends to pack down and ceases to support head and neck
  • Heavy and hard to move - provides little comfort
  • ban
    Can become painful and hard during the night


Hotel Comfort Memory Foam Body Pillow - Bamboo Hypoallergenic Cooling...
  • Whole Body Comfort: The challenge of a truly comfortable good nights rest is finally here because the conforming shape...
  • 100% Hypoallergenic: Allergy sufferers no longer need to compromise comfort. The dust mite resistant, precision cut...
  • Perfect Extra Long Size: The HOTEL COMFORT Whole Body Pillow is extra long, 58 inches for plenty of soft support to hold...

No matter your sleeping style, your new Hotel Comfort pillow can be personalized for Ultimate Comfort in the following sleep positions: the stomach sleeper, the side sleeper or the back sleeper. This pillow is made of 100% fully adjustable CertiPUR-US certified memory foam

Ease of Use

To activate your pillow(s), remove from the package and place in your gas or electric dryer. Set your dryer on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Maintain or remove the desired amount of memory foam from the zippered inside cover. Then, fluff your pillow into your perfect comfort shape. Now that your Hotel Comfort pillow is the perfect form and shape for you, lay back and enjoy the benefits of the Best Night's Sleep you've always dreamed about.

Design Quality

The Ultra-Soft bamboo-derived duvet cover is hypoallergenic dust mite resistant. This pillow offers personalized adjustment for added comfort. It comes in king and queen sizes (King Size = 30 x 17 Inches. Queen Size = 27 x 17 Inches). The dust mite resistance will be a great advantage for those who have allergies in regards to dust mites.


This pillow comes with a 30-Day "No Hassle" Return. They are so confident you'll love your new Hotel Comfort Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows that if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, you can simply return your pillows within the first 30 days for a FULL refund. No questions asked, guaranteed.


  • 100% Fully Adjustable CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam
  • Ultra-Soft Bamboo-derived Duvet Cover Hypoallergenic Dust mite resistant
  • Easy care washable cover. Personalize adjustment for added comfort


  • Some find them too big to find any comfort
  • Stiff and hard to move to change positions
  • ban
    Lose their shape and need to be pounded in order to regain original shape


As you can see, choosing the right pillow is nothing to sneeze at. The right pillow can mean a restful night, good health, and in some cases, a happy spouse. The bamboo and memory foam pillows we reviewed are all great options for anyone looking for a better pillow. But after reviewing each one in detail, only one can be the top choice. So, how did the Panda Life Pillow fare in this head-to-head comparison against other pillows of similar a price and design?

Essentially, we have two moderately priced pillows against two of the pricier options. Each pillow performed well in terms of their product specifications. Customers, generally, felt good about their selection. However, the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury Memory Foam pillow was by far the highest rated product overall by Amazon users. Plus, their incredible 120-day trial offer and 20-year warranty make their pillow worth the higher price and our undeniable top pick.

When choosing your next pillow, it is important to keep in mind that, not only is the pillow itself important for a good nights rest, but given that your quality of sleep is directly related to your overall health, making the right choice for your bedding, mattress, and pillow become very important decisions.

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