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Waking up with neck pain because you lay down in the wrong position is horrible. What makes matters worse is if you're sleeping on an old pillow and mattress. A comparison of the best My Pillow reviews and polyfoam pillows might help you find a new one. You know that getting in a solid eight hours of sleep is imperative to your productivity levels. If you're sleeping on pillows that are ten years old, this isn't going to happen. You're going to wake up with neck pain and body aches. Not to mention the high levels of irritation you're going to experience.

I recently invested in a new set of pillows for my bed. I can tell you it makes a great deal of difference in the way you sleep. Your neck cradles into the perfect resting position at night. Your spine and in perfect alignment with the rest of your body. You can turn in bed to the most comfortable sleeping position, without distorting comfort levels. And the level of comfort and relaxation I experience is something I never could imagine with the old pillows. Isn't it time for you to experience the same?

My Pillow Reviews: About The Pillow

My Pillow is famous for its commercials and for the shredded polyfoam material filling the company uses in manufacturing. There are three varieties of the My Pillow product. It adjusts to an individual's sleep style and curvature for the perfect fit. They come with a 10-year warranty and 60-day money back guarantee. The pillow's patented interlocking fill adjusts to any sleeping position. This design means fewer aches and pains in the morning. And, it also means a more comfortable night of sleep for owners.

My Pillow models

When comparing My Pillow reviews, consumers will find three options available from the manufacturer. The My Pillow Premium, Go Anywhere Travel, and Giza Elegance pillows. The Premium version has gusseted sidewalls and 100 percent cotton. It's available in all four color codes (firmness levels below) from least firm to firm options.

The Go Anywhere pillow is the perfect travel companion. It is 12 inches wide and 18 inches long. It also comes with the "Roll & Go" travel case for ease of transport. Last is the Giza Elegance pillow. It's a limited edition pillow featuring gusseted sidewalls and 100 percent Giza-88 long-staple cotton. It's also available in four colors like Premium version.

My Pillow color codes

Every individual has a different preference regarding firmness levels. That's why it's important to note this when comparing My Pillow reviews. There are four color varieties in the My Pillow family. Yellow is for stomach sleepers. It is for petite women or children/teens. It's the most malleable and conforms most to the sleeper's different positional sleep needs.

White features a little more stuffing than the yellow pillow. However, it isn't exceedingly firm. People with average shoulders and shorter necks will like this pillow. It's also a good option for people who turn to different positions throughout the night.

The Green pillow is for average men who are 5'9'' to 6'1''. It's also a good option for women with broad shoulders or those who prefer a firm pillow. It has more filling than the white level. It is best for side sleepers. The firmer fill level helps align the spine to prevent neck and back injury.

Blue My Pillows are for stocky or larger men who have broad shoulders. The pillow is firm and best for those who sleep on their side. For sleepers who require support for broad shoulders, it's the best pillow in the lineup.

There's also a red pillow that consumers might consider when reading My Pillow reviews. This item is the red color which is for men who have broad shoulders and are side sleepers. This pillow isn't a good option for people who like to sleep in different positions. It only allows owners to rest in a side position and is extremely firm. This pillow won't soften at all.

How to wash and dry My Pillow

The manufacturer suggests cleaning the pillow every four months (or two months for allergy sufferers). However, each person differs. Therefore the time between washes will vary for each owner. Owners can use any detergent and warm or cold water in the wash cycle.

For top-loading washers, the manufacturer suggests washing two pillows to balance the machine. When drying them, it should be on a tumble-dry setting on high heat. Avoid using fabric softeners and dryer balls to prevent damage.

My Pillow Reviews: The Pros And Cons Of This Product

Two white pillows on white bed

For those who are considering My Pillow, there are several benefits and drawbacks of the product. Some My Pillow reviews rave about the product, while others are written by customers who don't enjoy it as much. Some of the pros include:

  • Various firmness levels for all sleep styles
  • The polyfoam fill conforms to your neck and shoulders
  • There are pillows specifically for men and women
  • The company offers a 10-year warranty
  • Owners have up to 60 days to try it out and return it if they aren't happy

There are some drawbacks as well. These include:

  • Owners must plump the pillow regularly at night
  • There's no way to adjust the fill
  • The filling isn't solid, so it goes flat overnight
  • It doesn't do a good job keeping you comfortable at night

Three different sizes of pillows stacked up on each other

My Pillow Reviews: The Lineup

My Pillow carries a lineup of three pillows. These are the Giza, Premium, and Go Anywhevarietiesies.

No products found.

No products found.

This item comes in four firmness options and standard queen or king size options. Owners can adjust the fill to their specific sleep needs and comfort levels. The shredded polyfoam material conforms to each person body for a comfortable night's sleep.

It is machine washable and dryable. Like other pillows, this one doesn't go flat. It will retain its shape for life. The pillow features the patented interlocking fill. This filling is unlike other products in that it naturally wraps around the neck, back, and shoulders. One customer claims they love this material in comparison to other fills. After using Tempur, premium, down, and memory foam, they note this is the best option. They no longer wake up with back or neck pain.

No products found.

No products found.

The GoAnywhere is perfect for travel and sleepovers. It is 12 inches wide by 18 inches long. Owners can safely wash and dry it after several uses. It is great for sleeping or when working at a computer for lumbar support. The pillow is also excellent for sitting on the couch to watch TV.

This product is great for travel on planes or auto for when you need a quick nap. It also provides additional pelvic support when owners place it in between their knees. It comes with a travel case as well.

3.) My Pillow Classic

My Pillow Classic Series [Std/Queen, Medium Fill]
  • Made with patented interlocking fill, Gives you the exact support you need as an individual
  • Standard/Queen - 18.5 " x 28"
  • Machine washable and dryable -- 10-year warranty

This limited series pillow features the patented interlocking MyPillow foam. It has 100 percent Giza-88 Cotton. This cotton helps create an extra soft and durable surface for sleeping.

The doubled gusseted design won't rip or damage as quickly as other materials. This pillow is also machine washable and dryable. It provides excellent relief from neck and back pain. For side sleepers, it is the best pillow which naturally conforms to your body for pressure relief.

How Does The Competition Stack Up?

Other companies carry polyfoam pillows also. These are a few of the best products to consider when comparing them against My Pillow reviews.

4.) Perfect Cloud

Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Ventilated Memory Foam Bed Pillow for...
  • What is a Double Airflow Pillow | Ventilated visco foam and mesh trim. Provides continuous airflow for your best sleep...
  • Sleep Better | Helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain. Excellent support for...
  • Weightless Sleep | Pressure-relieving medium firmness. Provides pain relief and comfortable all-night sleep so you wake...

This pillow has a cooling Visco foam and a mesh trim to create a cool sleeping base for owners. Its filling is memory and polyurethane foam for maximum levels of comfort. Ventilated mesh panels help keep owners comfortable while balancing weight distribution throughout the pillow.

It's hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The dual air flow material also helps prevent overheating throughout the evening. Overall body temperature increases overnight. But the dual ventilation and cooling gels help preserve body temperatures for a restful night's sleep. It's also a great pillow for side sleepers. The perfect height helps keep the neck and shoulders in place, so the spine remains in proper alignment overnight.

5.) Snuggle-Pedic

Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows - ´╗┐GreenGold Certified...
  • Adjustable - Find your perfect match! Whether you prefer firmness or softness, this side sleeper pillow includes...
  • Certified - Rest easy knowing our memory foam pillow is both Certi-PUR-US and GreenGuard Gold Certified. No more losing...
  • Kool-Flow Tech - Just when you thought this pillow couldn't get any cooler! The breathability and Kool-Flow Tech of our...

This pillow has a Kool-Flow┬« Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover that's removable and is easy to preserve. Low VOC foam is hypoallergenic and resists dust mites. It conforms to the head and shoulders. This design makes it perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers alike.

Certi-Pur certification ensures this product is safe for any allergy sufferer. It also includes a 120-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty. These guarantees are double the duration that most competitors offer. The pillow is highly adjustable. This design makes it perfect for all sleep styles and helps eliminate aches and pain.

6.) Ontel

Ontel Miracle Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose from Bamboo...
  • 3-IN-1 MIRACLE PILLOW: Soft & supportive memory foam pillow is adjustable for comfort in a variety of positions. Extra...
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATED: No more flipping or rearranging your pillow, the versatile memory foam is naturally temperature...
  • KEEPS ITS SHAPE: The durable, odor-resistant bed pillow is made of a special blend of shredded memory foam that forms to...

This pillow features a three-in-one design. It's soft while still providing sufficient support for the neck and back overnight. It's excellent for back, side, and stomach sleepers. The pillow is hypoallergenic and resists dust mites and mold. It has a machine washable cover and internal shredded foam material.

The bamboo material is durable and has temperature regulating properties. Even if overall body temperatures increase, the pillow helps control body temperatures. This pillow is also odor-resistant, and it comes with a travel bag for travel needs. It doesn't lose its shape or texture over time. This product retains its form well.

My Pillow Reviews: My Pillow Or Competitors?

Three pillows stacked up on each other

You know that a new pillow is going to revolutionize the way you sleep. And now you know that there are several great polyfoam pillows you to purchase. So, which one is the best option for you? In the My Pillow line, the Premium has the best reviews. The comfort, neck and shoulder support, and four levels of firmness are great user features. It's also excellent that there are varieties for men and women. Another critical point is that it naturally conforms to each person's sleep style and position. This feature surely improves comfort levels for every individual using the product.

For those who want an affordable alternative, the Snuggle-Pedic® Pillow is an excellent alternative. Affordable and hypoallergenic construction makes it attractive for all households. The pillow includes a 120-night sleep trial as well as a 20-year warranty. It has a removable Kool-Flow® Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover. It's cooler than others and retains its shape better as well. The fluffy interlocking foams are breathable meaning owners remain comfortable even as body temperatures increase.

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