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Great sleep is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle, but it's difficult to achieve. Numerous factors can negatively impact your quality of sleep, but using the wrong pillow is one of the most common. Having the right pillow is essential to achieving restful sleep, so we researched some of the best options on the market. In this article, we review the Iso Cool Pillow by SleepBetter.

This pillow aims to improve sleep quality by providing users with exceptional support, comfort and temperature regulation. We begin with an in-depth overview of the product, followed by an outline of similar products for comparison. If you struggle to get a good night's sleep, this pillow may be the perfect solution.

What Is The Iso Cool Pillow?

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The Iso Cool Pillow is a specialty pillow manufactured in the USA by SleepBetter. It's designed to provide users with support and pressure relief while regulating body temperature throughout the night. It consists of Phase Change Material (PCM) beads that sense body temperature and adjust the pillow's temperature accordingly. If a sleeper is too warm, it absorbs the heat and cools them down. If they're too cold, it releases heat and warms the sleeper. The combination of temperature regulation technology and quality memory foam results in a comfortable, rejuvenating sleep experience.

Product Specs

The pillow is filled with high-quality visco-elastic memory foam. It molds to the body instantly to eliminate pressure on the neck, shoulders and back. This memory foam is extremely supportive and keeps the body properly aligned throughout the night. The pillow is firm and dense with a thickness of 5 inches and a weight of roughly 3.6 pounds. It's available in three different varieties: Standard, Contour and Gusseted Side Sleeper.

All three styles have a high level of firmness and hold their shape under pressure. This ensures that the sleeper will be comfortably supported without sinking into the pillow. Although people with all different sleep styles have enjoyed this product, it's especially effective for those who sleep on their sides.

The Iso Cool Pillow is specifically designed to maintain an optimal temperature throughout the night. Regardless of whether you sleep too hot or too cold, its Phase Change Material (PCM) works to regulate body temperature and provide the sleeper with maximum comfort. It contains the highest possible concentration of PCM beads, making it highly effective at temperature control. It comes with a machine washable, hypoallergenic cover made of 100% cotton. The cover contains SleepBetter's Outlast Adaptive Comfort material, making it both soft and durable.

How It Compares

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We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • The Purple Pillow
  • Malouf Talalay Latex Pillow
  • Bear Pillow

1.) Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

SleepBetter Beyond Down Side Sleeper Polyester Pillow 2-pack Queen
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 31374514770.
  • Gusseted, 300-thread-count, 100% cotton cover.
  • Down-like polyester gel fiber fill. For side sleepers.

We were quite pleased with the materials used in this pillow. The visco-elastic memory foam molds perfectly to the body and cradles the head, neck and shoulders. This provides essential pressure relief without causing the sleeper to sink into the pillow. The PCM beads regulate the temperature as promised, keeping the pillow cool to the touch.


The cover is soft and resilient, protecting the pillow while providing a smooth surface to sleep on. It holds up through repeated washing, plus aids in temperature control.

Design Quality

The design of the Iso Cool Pillow is impressive. SleepBetter uses high-quality memory foam that maintains its shape and firmness throughout continuous use. It successfully eases pressure and quickly adapts to the user's individual shape. Also, the pillow is infused with the highest possible concentration of PCM to generate excellent temperature control.


This product is very supportive. It maintains its thickness to ensure proper body alignment throughout the night. However, the high level of firmness may not be suitable for those who prefer a softer feel. It's a little too thick and solid for stomach or back sleepers, but provides ideal support for side sleepers.


  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Highly supportive and durable


  • Too firm for some sleepers
  • Not the best choice for back or stomach sleepers

2.) Purple Pillow

Purple Pillow - Supportive Pillow That is Gentle On Your Spine So Your...
  • PERFECT PILLOW: The Purple Pillow is made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer arranged in The Purple Grid that won’t lose its...
  • NO FLUFF PURPLE STUFF: With the Purple Pillow, you’ll never have to fluff your pillow again! Whether you prefer back...
  • COOL AIR CHANNELS: This pillow uses cooling technology that neutralizes temperatures and won’t trap heat. It includes...

The Purple Pillow by Purple Innovations differs greatly from the Iso Cool Pillow. In fact, its unique design is unlike any other pillow we reviewed. This product does not contain memory foam. Instead, it's made from a hyper-elastic polymer and arranged in a grid-like formation over a foam core. It's a no-fluff pillow designed to keep its shape throughout continuous use.

It's built to suit all sleep positions and to offer superior neck support. It also contains free air flow technology to enhance breathability and regulate temperature throughout the night. It comes with a machine washable cover made from a combination of polyester, bamboo and spandex.


The material is a patented hyper-elastic polymer, certified by the FDA and CertiPUR-US. Passing these strict standards ensures that this product is safe. However, the material did not live up to the promise of a comfortable, pressure free sleep experience.


The cover is soft, easy washable and made of high-quality materials. Like the Iso Cool Pillow, it provided good protection and additional comfort.

Design Quality

We were disappointed with the design of this pillow. Although it boasts superior pressure relief, we found that it actually increased pressure on the neck. Also, many users have reported major design defects upon receiving their pillows, such as rips and detached mesh. However, this pillow is far less thick than the others we reviewed, so it could be a decent option for back or stomach sleepers.


We did not find this pillow to be adequately supportive. Unlike the Iso Cool Pillow, the Purple Pillow is only 3 inches thick, offering far less support and pressure absorption.


  • Suitable for a variety of sleep positions
  • Good air flow and breathability


  • Numerous design flaws and customer complaints
  • Minimal support and pressure relief

The Talalay Latex Pillow by Malouf is a highly supportive and durable pillow made from environmentally friendly latex. This proprietary material makes it naturally hypoallergenic, mildew proof and resistant to dust mites. It's engineered with a pin-core design that supports the neck and shoulders while comfortably cradling the head. It's designed to conform to the body and provide soothing pressure relief.

The latex material ensures that this pillow will maintain its shape and never require fluffing. Similar to the Iso Cool Pillow, it's built to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It's a full pillow with a thickness of 6 to 7 inches, but isn't overly firm. It also comes with a soft, machine washable cover made from 100% cotton.


The material used in this pillow is a strong selling point. Although it doesn't contain memory foam, it successfully molds to the body and relieves pressure. The latex is supportive, resilient and eco-friendly. However, it does not provide as much temperature control as other pillows we reviewed.


Similar to the Iso Cool Pillow, the cover is soft, durable and machine washable. We were impressed by its ability to wick away moisture and aid in temperature regulation.

Design Quality

We found the design of this pillow to be successful. The zoned technology was an impressive feature, relieving pressure and providing additional support in all the right areas. As promised, the pillow kept its shape and was highly durable. Owners have reported enjoying this pillow throughout many years of use.


This pillow instantly conforms to the body and provides individualized support. It's not as firm as the Iso Cool Pillow, so it's a good choice for those who prefer a softer feel. Although its fullness is ideal for side sleepers, this pillow is typically too thick for stomach and back sleepers.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mildew
  • Zoned technology for superior support and pressure relief


  • Not ideal for back or stomach sleepers
  • Sleeps warmer than competitors

4.) Woolrich Bear Pillow

Woolrich Casual Cabin Lodge Lifestyle Decorative Pillow Hypoallergenic...
  • bear motif appliqued onto a soft Berber decorative pillow filled piping around pillow edges to give perfect finishing
  • Face: 100% polyester berber with applique on face, back: 100% polyester micro suede, filled piping around, polyfill,...
  • 1 Decorative Pillow:18"x18"

The Bear Pillow is like the Iso Cool Pillow in terms of size and temperature regulation. It's made with LOFT-X hybrid foam which combines the most desirable properties of memory foam and latex. Not only does it mold to the body for customized support and pressure relief, the latex component provides bounce and resilience.

It's layered with Double Ice Fabric, keeping the pillow cool throughout the night. It also incorporates Dual Mesh Side Panels to increase airflow and breathability. It has a medium firmness level to suit a variety of sleeping positions. It's hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and bacteria. It also comes with a machine washable and moisture wicking protective cover.


The LOFT-X foam is very successful in providing comfort, support and resilience. It conforms to the sleeper's body and quickly relieves pressure. The Double Ice Fabric truly delivers a cool to the touch feel and the mesh panels promote air circulation throughout the pillow. We found this product to be the coolest of all the pillows we reviewed.


The cover is soft, machine washable and moisture wicking. It provides a comfortable and durable source of protection for the pillow.

Design Quality

Overall, we thought the design quality of this pillow was great. As promised, it provides a cool, comfortable and supportive sleep experience for a wide variety of users. The size is similar to the Iso Cool Pillow, but the medium firmness appeals to a wider audience.


The Bear Pillow provides a great combination of support and comfort. It conforms to the body and eases pressure while maintaining bounce and firmness. The medium firmness level makes this pillow a great choice for any sleeping position.


  • Exceptionally cool to the touch
  • Medium firmness suits all sleep styles


  • Potentially too thick for some sleepers
  • Not easily foldable


woman sleeping soundly on a pillow

Getting a great night's sleep is important for your health; and your sanity! There are a lot of things that go into getting quality slumber, but your pillow is definitely high on the list. A good pillow isn't something to skimp on when you need it, and many of the pillows on this list will help you get the quality sleep you really need. Our ultimate pick is the Bear pillow: it's hard to beat that kind of quality and comfort for such a great price.

Its quality and functionality are impressive, but the firmness is uncomfortable for certain body types and sleep positions. However, the outstanding support, pressure relief and temperature control provide a rejuvenating sleep experience. It's an ideal choice for side sleepers who enjoy a firm pillow. Overall, we thought this was a great product and worth trying for yourself.a

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