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What Size Is a Standard Size Pillow?

standard size pillows

There are so many pillows, and they come in a ton of different sizes. If you know the dimensions of your favorite standard size pillow, it will be easier to repurchase it when you need a new one. So, what size is a standard pillow?

What Size Is a Standard Size Pillow?

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A standard pillow measures 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. Standard pillows are the smallest typical sleeping pillow. However, they’re a great choice for many people.

Surprisingly, pillow size can play a role in how well you sleep. But there’s much more to your pillow’s size than those measurements.

Other pillow sizes

Despite the name “standard,” there are other common pillow sizes you should know about. First, there’s the queen pillow. Queen pillows measure 20 inches wide by 30 inches long, so they’re a few inches longer than standard pillows.

Two queen pillows nicely fill out a queen bed. They’re a nice choice if you want a polished look during the day. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be the perfect pillow at night.

The next pillow size is the king pillow. King pillows measure 20 inches wide by 36 inches long. Like queen pillows, a pair of king pillows fit perfectly on a king bed.

A king pillow is also the same length as a twin bed is wide. So king pillows look nice on twin beds. However, they can also help support a standard size pillow.

Anything but standard

What size is a standard pillow? The answer is clear when you consider the names behind different pillow sizes. However, a standard size pillow isn’t necessarily the standard.

No single pillow size is the best for everyone. Of course, there are other things to look for in a pillow. You want one that’s comfortable, and your pillow should be supportive while you sleep.

But there are different pillow sizes for a reason. The size of your pillow can make or break how comfortable and supportive it is. Your bed can also help determine your ideal pillow size.

Aside from the name, standard pillows are anything but standard.

Based on Your Bed


If you’re completely stumped when it comes to choosing the right pillow size for you, your bed is an excellent place to start. As we mentioned, some pillows look great on certain sized beds.

Other things equal, the right pillow size can give your bed a polished look. So, what size is a standard pillow for each bed size?


Starting with the smallest bed size, even twin beds have an ideal pillow size. The length of one king pillow is a perfect match to the width of a twin bed.

If you want to give a twin bed that polished aesthetic, then a king pillow is an excellent choice.

However, younger people tend to sleep on twin beds. If that’s the case, the smaller standard pillow might actually be ideal.

A king pillow could be too big for children, and a standard pillow might be the perfect solution for children and even teens.

Perhaps you have a twin bed in a guest room. If the bed is primarily for an adult, then a king pillow could be a suitable option.

Full or double

Regardless of what name you call it, a full or double bed is larger than a twin bed but smaller than a queen. These beds can fit one or two people.

That’s important to note because that number can determine the best pillow size for a full or double bed.

If it’s just you in a full or double bed, you can choose from multiple pillow sizes. A single standard, queen, or king pillow all fit on the bed.

On the other hand, a full or double bed for two doesn’t have that same flexibility. A full bed measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long.

What is the size of a standard size pillow? A standard pillow is 20 inches wide by 26 inches long.

If you multiply 26 by 2, you get 52. That means that two standard pillows fit a full or double bed almost perfectly.

So if you share your full or double bed with someone, you’ll want to stick to a standard pillow.

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Acanva Bed Pillows 2 Pack Hotel Collection Luxury Soft Inserts for...
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  • LOFTY SUPPORT- Hypoallergenic polyester fiber offers lofty comfort throughout the night


We mentioned that two queen pillows fit on a queen bed perfectly. If aesthetics are important to you, then you should choose two queen pillows for your bed.

However, queen pillows aren’t your only choice. Of course, standard pillows are smaller than queen pillows. If you want a smaller pillow, then you can definitely use a standard pillow.


Next, we have a king bed. Two king pillows divide a king bed in half equally. And since king pillows are the largest common pillow size, you can choose from standard, queen, or king pillows.

Of course, two king pillows will take up the entire width of a king bed. However, you can free up some space if you choose queen or standard pillows.

If you can use any size of pillow on a king bed, you might wonder about deciding on the best pillow size.

Your Sleep Style

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If you can’t decide on the right pillow size based on your bed, then consider your sleeping position. Your sleeping position can affect where your head and face lay during the night.

It can affect how much support you need while you sleep and where you need that support.

Of course, we all have slightly different sleeping positions. However, there are a few basic positions that can help determine the best pillow size for you.

Side sleepers

Just over two out of five Americans sleep on their side or in a fetal position. If you’re one of them, you need a pillow that’s a bit thicker than average.

Sleeping on your side means there’s more space between your mattress and where your head should lie. You have the width of your shoulder to worry about.

Stomach sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll want a thinner pillow. You should also look for a pillow that will let you breathe.

While you probably tilt your head to the side, you want to make sure that you won’t have trouble breathing while you sleep.

Back sleepers

If you sleep on your back, it’s important to keep your back and neck where they need to be. Choosing a pillow that’s too thick or too thin can cause problems.

You also want to make sure you can adjust the fill inside your pillow so that it suits your needs.

Toss and turning

If you move around at night, you might consider a larger pillow, either a queen or king. That way, you have extra room to move without worrying about having the support of a pillow.

The perfect pillow size

While there’s no perfect pillow size for any particular sleeping position, there are a few things you can look at with your current pillow.

You might be using the wrong pillow size if you wake up with aches and pains or if you don’t feel well-rested. Sleeping shouldn’t hurt, and it should help you recharge for the day ahead.

If you wake up with stiffness, that could also be due to your pillow size. The wrong pillow size could cause neck and head stiffness in the morning.

Of course, there are other things that could cause these issues. However, changing to a different sized pillow could help.

A Note on Pillowcases


No pillow is complete without a pillowcase. Not only do we need the answer to the question of what size is a standard size pillow? We also have to know the size of a standard pillowcase.

Unfortunately, that answer isn’t as clear.

Pillowcase sizes don’t always match pillow sizes. You can use the same pillowcase on a standard pillow as on a queen pillow. However, the end of the pillowcase will hang off a standard pillow.

That’s not a problem. But you should be aware of it. That way, you know no to look for a standard pillowcase.

What size is a standard pillow? It’s small enough to fit on all beds, and it can fit in all pillowcases.

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  • Ultra Soft, Wrinkle Free
  • 100% Polyester. High quality microfiber, double brushed on both sides.

Far from Standard

What size is a standard pillow? Your standard pillow is 20 inches wide and 26 inches long. But there’s a lot more to it than those measurements.

Of course, you want to choose a pillow that is comfortable and will support your head and neck while you sleep.

In some cases, a standard pillow might be just what you need. But if you have space on your bed, the extra fill in a queen or king pillow might be a better choice.

What size is a standard pillow? It’s the perfect size for some people, but others may need or want something more substantial.

Do you have a favorite pillow? Let us know in the comment section below!

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A Few Things You Need To Know About Sleeping Without A Pillow

woman sleeping

Have you ever wondered if you could hurt your neck sleeping without a pillow? Well, you may be shocked to know the answer is not always that easy.

My husband used to chronically steal my pillows. I mean, every single morning I would wake up and feel like hot garbage thanks to him. But was it really because of the pillow? It turns out, maybe not so much.

We all need a good night rest, especially those of us that have children, and sleeping without a pillow may be more helpful than you know.

What Is A Pillow?

Pillows used to come in rectangular shape only, and now you can buy pretty much any form you can imagine. We use pillows for resting our heads, support, and as a weapon at slumber parties.

Some people use pillows for decorating their beds and couches, but the primary purpose is to support your head while you sleep.

Others, such as the Chinese, use a pillow to put herbal remedies inside because they think it helps cure disease.

What Are Pillows Made Of?

someone holding a pillow

Image by pixabay

Pillows are made of many materials such as cotton, synthetic polyester, cotton-polyester, feathers, and other materials.

History has shown the Egyptians would buy lavish pillows for the dead to rest their heads, but while alive they would sleep on stone pillows to prevent bugs from crawling into their mouth, nose, and ears.

The Chinese would use wood, ceramic, and leather to make their pillows. The wealthier Greek culture would buy embroidered cushions and bolsters to rest their head and feet.

Why Do We Use Pillows?

woman smiling

Image by pixabay

Now that we have improved our technology, we can make many different uses for pillows.

If you have the proper pillow, it can be used for neck alignment and support to your cervical spine while sleeping.

Decorative pillows are just that, to decorate the area in which you lay them, but many people also use them to sleep.

Breastfeeding mothers use a type of pillow to help support the baby while they are feeding. Now, there are even different types of pillows used for therapy purposes.

Do You Need To Sleep With A Pillow?

woman sleeping

Image by pixabay

Are you one of those people that can't sleep well without a pillow? You may even use two or three pillows, thinking that is okay.

This may shock you, but pillows really aren't necessary.

Shocking, I know.

Some studies have found that pillows actually have no sleep benefits and are mainly just a personal desire. If you sleep without a pillow, you are helping to extend your back, and you will lay in a more natural posture.

Sleeping without a pillow is perfectly okay and often recommended. If you feel you need your head lifted a little you can always use your arm, like the cavemen before us. However, if your doctor recommends a pillow, please listen to them.

If you want a pillow, that's cool, just remember there are different types for different people. It all comes down to making sure you have the proper mattress and pillow that fits for your style of sleeping.

How Do I Buy The Right Pillow?

Well first, it depends on how you sleep on your mattress to know which pillow you should buy.

If you are a side sleeper, then you should buy a pillow that is as thick as the distance between your ear and outside shoulder.

A back sleeper should buy a flatter pillow that keeps their neck aligned, to reduce pain.

As for stomach sleepers, it is best not to use a pillow, but if you must have one then buy a soft pillow.

Believe it or not, you should replace an average pillow every 18 months, and memory foam pillows within three years. After that time, you are not getting the support you need and may be losing sleep because the pillow is worn out.

Types Of Pillows


Image by pixabay

We all sleep in different positions, such as: on your back, stomach, or sides. The way you choose to sleep is entirely up to you, but studies have found certain pillows are better to use for your sleeping position.

Also, it depends on your bed, and if your mattress is too soft, you may need to add memory foam to help align your back.

If you sleep on your back, a thick contouring pillow is suggested as well as a small pillow underneath your knee or lumbar spine to relieve strain on your spine.

Did you know sleeping on your stomach is the unhealthiest way to sleep? While you may feel comfortable, you lay your head to one side, which puts your neck out of alignment. Sleep experts say it is better to sleep with no pillow at all, but if you must use one, buying a thin pillow is better.

Side sleepers have been found to have the second-best healthiest sleep position. However, if they do not use the proper pillow, it will do just as much damage as sleeping on your stomach. Side sleepers need to have an appropriate pillow that flows with their mattress to keep their spine straight.

Benefits of Using A Pillow

woman sleeping

Image by pixabay

Some of us buy pillows for the looks, not knowing if it will help or hurt our body. Pillow benefits are not just for your neck and back but also your posture.

While sleeping, a pillow can help keep your spine in a proper position and help support the natural curve of your neck.

When you sleep, the muscles and ligaments of your back relax and heal themselves, so having the correct pillow is a must.

Having a pillow that costs a little more to help you sleep well, is totally worth it, don't you think?

Sleeping Without A Pillow: Benefits Of Not Using a Pillow

Did you know your pillow could be causing you to have acne issues? Yes, you heard me correctly. You are laying your face on the same pillow every night, which could carry dust, bacteria, and dirt. Your face also requires air to flow over it; without it, you cause your skin to become oily.

I don't know anyone that washes their pillow every day, do you? So, we all can imagine what's on our pillow every time our face touches it.

Your body needs rest after a long day, and sleeping without a pillow can help with that, by allowing your back to extend into its natural position. So, if you fall asleep without your pillow, you will be just fine.

The Reality Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

It truly all comes down to how you sleep, but we do know that sleeping without a pillow is okay.

When buying a pillow, it is a good idea to buy the proper one for how you sleep and one that aligns with your bed. Since we spend so much time every day sleeping, don't you think that buying the best pillow to help you sleep is a great idea?

People have been using pillows for a long time, so you don't have to sleep without your pillow but make sure you replace your pillow as often as needed. Also washing it will help in the long run and not cause your face to become blackhead headquarters.

Let us know in the comment section below whether you use a pillow or not, and how often you replace them.

Casper Pillow Review: The Perfect Balance of Support and Comfort

White Casper Pillow

Does anyone remember when you could fall asleep in any position and wake up perfectly fine? Didn't think so. It seems like a lifetime ago that you could fall asleep tangled up like a pretzel and wake up completely healthy. Nowadays, if you sleep on anything less than perfection, you wake up feeling years older and have developed severe back and neck issues. That is why we have this Casper Pillow review to help you find your perfection.

Not only does sleeping in a weird position throw your whole body off the next day, but what you sleep on can affect it as well. It is incredible that something as mundane as a pillow can have such a strong effect on your sleep.

An uncomfortable pillow can put everything out of sync, and finding the perfect one turns us into Goldilocks. You need one that can handle whatever sleeping position you prefer, it can't be too hard or too soft, and it should align your head with your spine.

A Casper Pillow review could help you find a pillow to resolve those issues.

​Comparison Table

Casper Pillow Review

The Casper Pillow has got you covered on all sides of the bed. If you like cool, then you are going to love its breathable 100 percent percale cotton cover with a percale weave.

Ensuring that the struggle to find the cool side of the pillow will never be an issue for you. If you are looking for that plush feel, Casper's silky microfibre interior will provide you with the perfect fluffy sensation.

Not only is this pillow soft, but it can also handle whatever your sleeping position may be. Do you want to sleep on your back? Go for it. How about your stomach? It has got you covered there as well. It is rare that a soft pillow can also be firm enough to handle multiple positions, but the Casper Pillow handles them like a champ.

​What makes Casper different

Surely, other pillow reviews have claimed about the same thing and you are wondering what makes this pillow any different. Well, for starters, the Casper Pillow features a high 2-inch gusset.

What is a gusset?

It is a piece of material that is placed along the sides of the pillow, allowing for better neck alignment. It also keeps all those wonderful microfibres distributed evenly throughout the pillow.

Speaking of which, why is microfibre such a big deal?

The microfibre interior ensures that you are never restricted in your sleepy movements, as they will move with you seamlessly. Instead of conforming to your head and neck the way memory foam does, your head will sink into the pillow, while it cradles your neck. Then, when you move, the pillow will retain its standard shape again.

One of the more exciting and unique features of this pillow is its pillow-in-pillow design.

Essentially it is one pillow for support, and one for comfort. Plus, the outer layer is entirely removable, which makes for easy cleaning. It even features a breathable percale weave, which increases airflow throughout the pillow. Meaning, you are always cool while sleeping.

As if you needed more reasons to love this pillow, it is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

​Casper Pillow Review: The Products

To give a proper Casper Pillow review, we found two of their more popular products. That way, you can see how the pillow stands up to their other products in terms of build quality and popularity.

Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress, 2019 Model
  • Your purchase includes One Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress, 2019 Model with cover
  • Mattress dimensions: 60” W x 80” L x 11” H. Foam weight: 79 lbs
  • Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief-push feel to the upper body. Firmer foam under the hips, waist,...

This mattress is Casper's original fan favorite. It is 12 inches in height, offers 4 layers of open-cell foam, and zoned support. From the looks of things, however, this mattress seems to live up to their claims of elevated body support.

That said, one customer did experience some inconsistency in the build of the bed. They claimed that they started sinking more and more and ended up returning it before the 100-night sleep test was complete.

Casper Sleep 951-000437-008 Down Duvet, Twin/Twin XL, White
  • 100% cotton shell, ethically-sourced down fill
  • Constructed with sewn-in chambers to keep down in place and for even insulation
  • Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle with like colors. Tumble dry low

Casper's duvet is a rather new product, but very popular. It features a cotton shell and down fill, with constructed sewn-in chambers to keep the down in place. 

People seem to love the fact that the down stays in place, the light feel, and the fact that it does not make them overheat during the night.

Who Should Use This Pillow

Some people have various issues when it comes to sleeping; some will benefit more than others. Whether it is getting sweltering during the night, or changing positions frequently, you may see a noticeable difference with this pillow.

As mentioned before, the Casper Pillow features a percale weave, which makes the pillow incredibly breathable. Meaning it will stay fresh throughout the night, keeping your temperature down.

The microfibre filling and unique pillow-in-pillow design make this perfect for combo sleepers. It will move with you, instead of against you, so you always can find that perfectly comfortable position. If you fall into any of those categories, you may want to consider making this part of your bedroom.

Similar Products

Bed Pillows by Celeep - Pillow Set Queen Size - Hotel Quality Sleeping...
  • High Quality: Made of 100% polyester microfiber filling; 900 GSM Filling makes neck pillow extremely cushy and is like...
  • Maximum Comfort: Perfect for those who love to sleep with a high loft pillow; High-density special microfiber fill...
  • No-Shift Design: Celeep bed pillows won’t shift, bunch up, flatten out, or form craters; No shift design keep fill in...

Here, we have the Celeep ultra soft sleeping pillows. These offer a hypoallergenic polyester microfiber filling and a sand-washed cover. 

When looking at what customers are saying about these pillows, it seems that even people who didn't like the pillow did not have an issue with the build or the feel.

The biggest complaint was that the pillow was too high and supportive and did not offer enough flexibility.

East Coast Bedding 2 Pack Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows...
  • PILLOW PARTICULARS – East Coast Bedding's luxury goose feather and down pillows come as a set of 2. Each is filled...
  • SUPREMELY SOFT + FANTASTICALLY FIRM – Our goosefeather and down pillows offer the very best compromise between...
  • FINE FEATHERS – Wake up feeling ‘as light as a feather’ with these premium quality European geese down-filled...

The East Coast Bedding feather and down pillow offers a soft, yet firm design but with a different material than the Casper Pillow. East Coast Bedding uses a combination between goose down and feathers, along with a cotton striped shell. 

The top positive review mentions the high-quality construction of the pillows. On the other hand, the top critical review of East Coast Bedding's pillow said that the feathers flatten out during the night.

Casper Pillow Review: How Did Casper Stand-up to the Competition

Black and white photo of a woman using a casper pillow

​Image via Unsplash

It is clear what the difference is.

For example, the Celeep Ultra Soft Pillows do not have near the number of unique features that Casper does. Celeep's pillow is just that, a pillow.

That isn't to say that Celeep is not a good brand. Only that it does not have the same features that Casper offers.

Comparing to another pillow brand made from a different material brings up about the same result, but with a twist. When looking at the top-rated goose down and feather pillows from East Coast Bedding, Casper still has the upper hand.

While the East Coast Bedding pillow is 100 percent natural and cruelty-free, it does not have the same features either. Plus, down tends to lose its firmness after so much use.

Even though down pillows and other bedding have that luxury feel to them, they tend to be more of an annoyance than anything else. But that is a topic for another time.

Casper offers so many extra features that the bulk of other products do not. Very few products have the pillow-in-pillow design or the gusset along the sides. So for what you get with the Casper Pillow, it seems like it is worth it.

An Impressive Addition to Any Bedroom

Woman sleeping on a white bed while using a casper pillow

​Image via Pixabay

Even though the Casper Pillow is not perfect, it is undoubtedly impressive. Features like the 2-inch gusset and pillow-in-pillow innovative design, in our opinion, are great.

That said, we know that sometimes, it all comes down to the cost of the product. We love the extra touch of the pillow-in-pillow design, along with the head and neck support. 

Your pillow is the most essential part of your bedroom, aside from your mattress. If you are sleeping on a rock hard pad, you will quickly find yourself in a harrowing situation.

On the other hand, anything too soft can restrict your breathing, and throw your neck out of whack. For something like this, it is perfectly fine to be like Goldilocks and search for the pillow that is not too hard, not too soft, but just right. And we hope that our Casper Pillow review has helped you in your search.

What is your favorite pillow to sleep with? Let us know in the comment section below!

5 Quick Tips On How To Fluff A Pillow For A Plump And Full Look

person sitting on the bed covering head with white pillow

Modern home decorating uses pillows throughout the house, so it is essential to know how to fluff a pillow.

Whether you have pillows on your bed, couch, porch furniture, or anywhere between, each will need the occasional fluffing. Fluffing gives them a plump look that ties together the look of your furniture and makes it look warm and inviting.

Have you ever grabbed a pillow to lay down and realized it was flatter than your arm? That not only looks unattractive, but it can even lead to unrestful sleep. With a regular fluff, you can make your pillows both look and feel good.

While learning how to fluff a pillow sounds simple, there is even more to know. There are several methods to try and a handful of great benefits as well. In fact, fluffing regularly can even improve your health.

There is much more to pillow fluffing, and learning more about it will forever change how you look at your pillows. It has a greater purpose than you might realize.

The Purpose Behind Learning How To Fluff A Pillow

stuffed toy on bed beside the white pillow

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

It is common knowledge to switch out or wash your pillowcase regularly, but have you ever thought about your pillow? If your pillow looks lumpy and flat, this is a good indicator that is is time to make some changes. Ideally, you should perform regular maintenance to avoid these sad-looking pillows.

However, not everyone remembers this. In a study by Sleepy People, a bedding company, they found that the majority of the people they surveyed throw away their old pillows when they become lumpy, look stained, and fail the sniff test. That wastes materials that they could have otherwise saved.

Instead, you can significantly increase the life of your pillows by learning how to fluff a pillow. First of all, it reduces the likelihood of the pillow becoming lumpy. It will retain its fullness longer so that you can enjoy it longer.

If you try fluffing them in the washer and dryer, you can also sanitize pillows. This can reduce staining and keep your pillows smelling fresh even after daily use. Actually, sanitizing your pillows comes with more benefits than just making them look plump.

The Truth About Pillow Hygiene

woman and man hugging pillows

Photo by Zun Zun from Pexels

If you take the time to think about everyone and everything your pillows come in contact with, you will be shocked. Your decorative couch pillows touch all your visitors, family, pets, and who knows what else. Even your bedroom pillows come in contact with practically everyone who lives in the house.

What does this do to your pillows if you never fluff or wash them? The answer may leave you balking.

While you sleep on your bed pillows, you leave skin cells, sweat, and oils on the pillow that dust mites feed on. The warm and humid environment is the perfect environment for them to thrive, and they leave their feces all over and in your pillow.

This debris is an allergen for many people, leaving them with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and urge to sneeze.

All of your skin cells, along with the dust mites and their fecal matter, can actually increase the weight of your pillow over time.

You also may have heard that pillows also share a common trait with toilet seats: they both tend to have fecal matter on them. While this sounds revolting, this is normal because people always have fecal matter on them and their belongings.

If you have pets around your pillows, they have probably left traces of their feces and dander on them as well.

Last of all, studies have also found numerous fungal species on pillows. One of the common strains is Aspergillus fumigatus, which can trigger asthma and weaken the immune system of some people.

Admittedly, this is enough for most people to start making changes, including learning how to fluff a pillow.

How To Fluff A Pillow And Sanitize It

You may be wondering how to fluff a pillow properly and how to sanitize pillows. Thankfully, the process for both is quite simple.

Some methods only keep the filling from matting together due to the accumulation of dirt and moisture. That is true for synthetic, down, or feather pillows, although each material has its own unique qualities.

Other methods do a great job of both plumping and sanitizing the pillows in your home. That can entail using your washer and/or dryer, but the sun can work wonders as well.

There are multiple ways to keep your pillows plump and fresh, so you can choose whichever method works better for your needs.

However, no matter how you sanitize and re-fluff your couch pillows, you should fluff them daily for increased longevity. You will notice a difference in the long run, and you will not have to throw out pillows so often.

Fluffing made easy

white pillows and blanket

Image by JayMantri from Pixabay 

The best action you can take to avoid sad and droopy pillows is to manually fluff them daily. You may be wondering how to fluff a pillow properly, but there is no set technique.

One easy way to do it is to give the pillow a gentle shake on each side. That redistributes the stuffing so that it is not gathered all in one space. For particularly tough patches, you may need to pull parts of the stuffing apart and lightly fluff it again.

After the fluffing, allow the pillow to sit uncovered so that it can breathe and air out.


assorted colored throw pillows on the sofa

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

While learning how to fluff a pillow is great, you should also rotate the pillows every now and them. That means flipping them over and resting the pillow on a different side than before. Every so often, after you fluff pillows for the day, lay them back down differently.

By rotating and flipping your couch, bed, and porch pillows, you can prevent them from molding to the furniture. When they are not molded to the furniture, they look fuller and plumper. That is more pleasing to the eye and better for a peaceful rest.


Woman wearing a white towel while washing clothes

Perhaps some have never even thought about washing a pillow because a voice in their head says the washing machine will ruin it. That is true if you do it wrong, but you can wash most pillows without an issue. You should do this about twice a year.

For example, wash feather pillows in lukewarm water that is approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For wool pillows, wash them in cool water. Use a third less of your standard gentle detergent, and do not use fabric softener.

Next, be sure to let the pillows spin to remove as much moisture as possible. Place them in the dryer, preferably with wool dryer balls, and put the setting on low temperature. That will both fluff and sanitize your pillows.


washers and dryers in the laundry shop

Photo by Jack Lyons from Pexels

If you want to know how to fluff a pillow in the dryer, this is a lifesaver when you are pressed for time. Just make sure you use your dryer’s air cycle so that the temperature is not too hot.

It is also crucial to add dryer balls with your pillows. However, tennis balls will also work if you do not have dryer balls.

When these balls are in the dryer, they bounce around and essentially pound any flatness and lumps out of it. They can also add a pleasant scent if you add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to the dryer balls. That will help them pass the sniff test and stay fluffy.


Red and white bed pillows

Photo by Jens Mahnke from Pexels

Some of you may also wonder how to fluff a pillow with just air and sunlight because it sounds a bit weird at first. However, it actually works.

When you sleep or lay on your pillows, moisture from your skin seeps into the material. This moisture then causes the stuffing to bunch up and create lumps. When you hang your pillows out on a clothesline in the sun, it dries up the moisture and makes it easier to fluff.

The sun can also freshen the material, so you should do this multiple times a year for a few hours. You should even do it in the winter because below-freezing temperatures will kill the dust mites in your pillows.

Just make sure to not put them outside on a humid day because all the excess moisture can make it worse.

Trade The Germs For A Fluffy And Clean Pillow

bed on dark room with 2 pillows and blanket

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

There is so much more to pillows than looking nice on your bed, couch, or patio furniture. That is why it is extremely important to learn and to share how to fluff a pillow properly.

First of all, fluffing pillows helps them to maintain their full shape and prevents them from drooping.

Secondly, using a washer and dryer can also sanitize your pillows and get rid of all the dirt, grime, and fecal matter out of it.

Last of all, letting them air out and enjoy the sunshine can kill any germs and reduce the amount of moisture in the fabric.

By following these simple guidelines, you can have fresh and plump pillows that the whole family can enjoy.

Do you have any tips for keeping your pillows in tip-top shape? Share your words of wisdom in the comments below!

The 10 Best Throw Pillows For Adding A Touch Of Flair

throw pillows

You can have a super-neat house, with clean lines and shining features, but the best throw pillows are what really make it look like a home. Why do I say that? Having recently set up my own apartment, I’ve been able to see that just a few well-chosen accessories can transform your home. The best throw pillows can make every room cozy and inviting.

Another delightful fact here is that throw pillows are actually trendy these days. That’s right. You no longer need to get those stiff, expensive, large foam slabs that make your home seem more like an office. You can get some gorgeous throw pillows in just about every shape, size, and color for brightening up every single empty place.

You can put in some of the best throw pillows in your window seat, on your couch, and even the floor. You’ll soon see the adorable effect for yourself. Of course, there’s always a right and wrong option.

Using a throw pillow helps you realize that your home is much more than a place to retire to after a long day of work. It is the place in which you entertain family and friends and make lifetime memories in. It, therefore, goes without saying that a stylish and comfortable home is a desire shared by many. Add to that the comfort of the best throw pillows. Nothing beats that relaxing moment.

But how exactly should you pick throw pillows?

Going Beyond The Hues: What To Consider

The best throw pillows might be easy to purchase and a cinch to set up. However, you need to think upon a few factors before you get your own stash of these cozy goodies.

If you make an impulsive purchase, you might end up with a stack of expensive, uncomfortable pillows. Throwing them to the floor every time you curl up on the couch is a warning sign that you have the wrong throw pillows.

Before clicking any order buttons, you should ponder up the following factors and see if you can't come up with the perfect combination:

Intended Use

throw pillow and towel

Image via Pexels

What exactly do you need those throw pillows for? Granted, you might need them for a different purpose in different rooms. In that case, you should make sure to place an order accordingly.

For instance, you might want stylish yet soft throw pillows for the couch. You want to make a good impression for your guests, and these pillows are the first thing they’ll probably see.

Plus, you also want to rest your aching back or even take a nap on that same couch. If you want the best of both worlds, what you need are the best throw pillows in soft, squishy fabrics. These may include fleece, velvet, faux fur, chenille, and even cashmere.

The Rest Of Your Theme

Everyone has a theme for their home décor, even if they think they don’t. You may prefer some casual throw pillows in most rooms, or want to make a style statement in each corner. Many people love to have a cool color combination in their living room or bedroom. It only makes sense to choose the best throw pillows that will follow your theme.

For example, shades of rust, forest green, and earthy tones will complement that autumn theme you’ve set up for home décor. You can get some quirky, funky shapes for your kids’ bedroom while some quilted classics will create a formal tone.

Vintage and classical looks will require something different, such as bolsters and other round shapes. You can also go for some larger floor cushions, with smaller ones on top for a casual, unique effect.

Color Factor

Once you’ve decided on the purpose of the best throw pillows for your home, it’s time to focus on the color. Your throw pillows may have different shades but they should ideally complement the room. If you have a black-and-white theme, you don’t have to exactly match it. You can play with contrasts. But you should also remember that some combinations will look good and others won’t.

If you have kids in the house, getting dark shades might be a better idea. Incidentally, you might also want to go with removable cover and washable fabrics in such cases.


The best throw pillows come in all kinds of patterns or solid colors, so you can mix and match them to get the desired effect. Blending a bold pattern with another bold pattern will probably look off. Therefore, you may search for smaller prints to go with the large one.

I’m also of the opinion that minimalism is definitely a great concept you can lean towards while decorating. You don’t have to go for completely bare looks. Instead, toning down the patterns will give a more relaxed feel.


Throw pillows with sharp corners, such as squares and rectangles, give you a versatile experience. Round ones give a formal and classic look. Bolsters will give you a great effect when there’s a sofa without armrests or in an L-shape.


The size of the best throw pillows is of extreme importance. This is especially true if you're getting it for a beloved piece of furniture. You don’t want to get dozens of tiny pillows for a large king-sized bed.

A huge throw pillow on your beautiful armchair will only cover up the vivid upholstery you’re so proud of. You should measure your space and order accordingly.


plant design throw pillow

Image via Pexels

Even the best throw pillows need some sort of detailing to make them interesting. This doesn't have to be a blanket of embroidery or sequins. That lovely woven rope-like border or a beautifully printed motif will be enough to make you smile every single time.


Most of the best throw pillows will attract you with their pattern but the inserts are what makes them awesome. If you just want these pillows for decoration, polyester inserts will do just fine. However, some people require some sort of support. If you’re one of them, you may want to go for synthetic options like memory foam. Feather also makes for an interesting filling.

Time To Collect The Best Throw Pillows For Your Home

Enough talk; it’s time to check out the best throw pillows you can possibly find today!

1. Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Pillow

Amazon Brand – Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Decorative Throw Pillow, 17"...
  • This throw pillow's mudcloth-inspired pattern will give your room a global, modern twist. Skillfully sewn, high quality...
  • Mudcloth-inspired patterns create a modern, global style
  • Sewn in U.S. of durable cotton/polyester blend fabric

This Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Pillow measures 17 inches wide by 17 inches long or 12 inches wide by 24 inches long and comes in a pale gray shade. That makes it perfect for just about every corner of the house. You can stick it in an artsy corner to show off bright painting or use it for a backrest on your bed.

2. Stone & Beam French Laundry Stripe Pillow

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam French Laundry Stripe Decorative Throw...
  • This pillow features a timeless style with just the right mix of refined and casual touches. Grey stripes on an ivory...
  • Traditional French Laundry style is refined yet relaxed
  • Cover is cotton/polyeser/acrylic blend; stripes on front and back

The Stone & Beam French Laundry Stripe Pillow is another 17 inches wide by 17 inches long or 12 inches wide by 24 inches long choice. You can choose between some lovely shades of turquoise, ivory, ebony, ivory, and a few others. 

Overall, you’ll get a timeless style that’s both refined and casual. A striped pattern will make for a comforting yet interesting look no matter where you put this. The fabric is also weighty enough or durability. 

3. Brentwood Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

Brentwood 18-Inch Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow, White
  • PLUSH FILLING that provides extreme comfort and support for lounging around
  • PERFECTLY VERSATILE designs to accent your bed or sofa as a throw pillow
  • CONSITENT HIGH-END QUALITY from one of the top decorative pillow manufacturers, Brentwood Originals.

The Brentwood Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow also comes from a well-known name in the home décor industry. It comes in a variety of sizes. You can improve any boring corner with this high-quality option. The fabric is polyester, which speaks for the decent durability while the filling is plush enough for soft support.

4. McAlister Textiles Curitiba Woven Chenille Pillow

No products found.

The McAlister Textiles Curitiba Woven Chenille Pillow comes with a filler and is available in orange plus teal shades. This throw pillow comes in many different sizes. If you're looking for something to match your funky décor, this is among the best throw pillows to look for.

The only downside is its size, which is smaller than many users expected. Therefore, you should be aware of the measurements before you place an order.

5. Gear New Decorative Accent Throw ​Pillows

Gear New Decorative Accent Throw Pillows for Couch, Soft Comfortable...
  • The pattern/design is printed on both sides of the pillow, making it more versatile than others
  • 16 inches by 16 inches, also available in other sizes
  • More than just the case/cover, this is a fully stuffed high quality throw pillow

The Gear New Decorative Accent Throw Pillows are great options for the couch, the bed, or an indoor swing. You have a gorgeous abstract art print here, with several color combinations of your choice. 

We love the fact that you can switch this pillow around, as the print is on both sides. Need a quick fix for that stain before the guests come over? The other side will do just as well until you have a chance to wash the cover. 

If there’s an issue, it would probably be the risk in ordering your favorite colors. The orange is brighter in reality, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

6. Christopher Knight Home Velvin Emerald New Velvet Throw Pillow

GDFStudio Velvin New Velvet Throw Pillow (Set of 2) (Emerald)
  • This plush pillow is a great way to add some fresh color to any room in your home. Use it in the living room, dining...
  • Includes: Two (2) Pillows
  • Dimensions: 15.00"D x 15.00"W x 6.30"H

The Christopher Knight Home Velvin Emerald New Velvet Throw Pillow comes in a set of two. The colors are especially gorgeous, no matter which one you choose.

If you’re looking for some lovely spots of color for a neutral room, we’d say these are the best options. The colors aren’t bright enough to be glaring but solid enough to be noticeable. 

7. Boho Living Jada Decorative Pillow

Boho Living Jada Decorative Throw Includes Accent Pillow Cover and...
  • 𝗠𝗢𝗗𝗘𝗥𝗡 𝗥𝗢𝗢𝗠 𝗗𝗘𝗖𝗢𝗥 – With the perfect blend of rustic, chic and modern,...
  • 𝗜𝗡𝗖𝗟𝗨𝗗𝗘𝗦 𝗖𝗢𝗩𝗘𝗥 & 𝗜𝗡𝗦𝗘𝗥𝗧 – Each Jada pillow includes both the...
  • 𝗣𝗥𝗘𝗠𝗜𝗨𝗠 𝗗𝗘𝗦𝗜𝗚𝗡 – The Boho Living Jada pillow cover is constructed using 100%...

The Boho Living Jada Decorative Pillow comes in several fun and neutral shades. They come with their own inserts. The texture is rough but the overall effect is quite charming.

With the imported material, you’ll get a lovely rustic chic effect. We also love the fact that the material is completely natural, with actual cotton and jute fibers.

Unfortunately, the inserts are quite stiff and require some breaking in. If you can wait it out, this natural offering is worth it.

8. SIRENE Mermaid Pillow Reversible Sequin Pillow

SIRENE Mermaid Pillow Reversible Sequin Pillow That Changes Color -...
  • GLITTER FLIP SEQUIN PILLOW: Top rated glitter pillow on various home decor guides. Our throw pillows come in the unique...
  • MERMAID PILLOW WITH INSERT: Our mermaid pillow is fire retardant and legally certified by 13 states to sell this...
  • THERAPEUTIC AND ENHANCES MOOD FOR ALL AGES: Perfect for everyone especially those with extra energy or high stress and...

These SIRENE Mermaid Pillow Reversible Sequin Pillows are the color-changing, sequinned cushions with a magical experience. You can go for a blue-gold or mermaid-green color. There are also several other colors available.

The pillow is fire-retardant, legally certified in 13 states, and has a fluffy insert with virgin polyester fiber. With the glittery combinations, you can give any space a beautiful pick-me-up.

My sister got one of these, and I can testify that this pillow provides hours of entertainment! You can draw on it, smoothen out the sequins for a de-stressing experience. The only issue is the zipper. You may avoid this problem by staying super careful. Also, you shouldn’t let it get stuck in that sea of sequins.

9. Pillow Perfect Annie Westport Pillow

Pillow Perfect 499895 Outdoor/Indoor Annie Chocolate/Westport Teal...
  • Includes two (2) outdoor pillows, resists weather and fading in sunlight; Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Plush Fill - 100-percent polyester fiber filling
  • Edges of outdoor pillows are trimmed with matching fabric and cord to sit perfectly on your outdoor patio furniture

The Pillow Perfect Annie Westport Pillow is a reversible, corded option that gives you a versatile experience. You can use this in the patio as well as in any room. They’re classic, modern; in short, they’re just what you want.

The quality, high durability, and ease of cleaning make this a great choice. You should keep in mind that it has a somewhat rough finishing. 

10. Acanva Solid Velvet Soft Decorative Throw Pillow

Acanva Solid Velvet Soft Decorative Throw Pillow, 18 x 18 in,...
  • Made with durable solid polyester fabric in rich and saturated hue
  • Smooth velvet texture feels super soft and gentle on skin
  • Medium firm filler provides resilient support

It comes at a decent size, and with several tantalizing colors like tangerine and wine red. You’ll also get a medium-firm insert with the cover.

This option may not be completely full right away but it does expand over time. 

The Best Throw Pillows That Will Spark Up Your Home

The best throw pillows are certainly out there. We recommend the Brentwood Faux Fur Pillow if you’re new at this. Furry textures are in, and the color will blend into every kind of décor. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, so grab one and see how it goes!